Homey and Friendly School for Kids

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‘Homey and friendly school for kids’ is the motto of KB-TKII Al Abidin. As teachers, we are aware that children enjoy learning through playing and doing something by themselves. The lesson given to them is so much fun as if they are playing and the surrounding, we create it as much as possible just like their own home. That’s why we called our school, the student’s second home.

Though children’s are expected to have a variety of skills in kindergarten such as math, reading, religion and social emotional intelligence, the Islamic character is also emphasized in our school.  We accustom children to pray dhuha and perform the midday prayer (dzuhur) everyday. The children also recite The Holly Qur’an everyday and memorize 2 verses each day.

So, parents what are you waiting for?? KB-TKII Al Abidin is the right place for your children. A place where they are nurtured naturally and gained worldly as well as Islamic knowledge.

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