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Video Blog or commonly known as Vlog (since in this era writing a blog is not enough) is not necessarily have to be LIVE but you can make a content video with a much broader theme.
The real example is the advertisement on the city of Solo. We can see that the local government has used all means of advertising to advertise Solo as a city not only through pamphlets but also through LED display on the major streets of Solo, which obviously makes it much more interesting than printed advertisement.
Why we need to learn about all of this? Why do we need to make it?
We have entered a digital era, where video is used widely to advertise a product as well as service needed by government institution and foundation. We can also use vlog to make some money, look at Atta Halilintar, one of the famous Indonesian vlogger, only from uploading videos on Youtube he can earn 500 million rupiah/month or take look at Ria Ricis, she makes 300 million rupiah/month and on the third place the Youtube account under the name ‘Calon Sarjana’ who makes 50 million/month, all because of their vlogs.
Making vlogs is one of way to practice in finding your passion, what you really want to do in life.
Here are some tips of making a vlog:
1. Enjoy the process of making the vlog
2. Upgrade your capability (skills, knowledge)
3. Those people who are already success, they has to start from somewhere. So, start making your own
4. When we make a video content, we are helping our self in making a portfolio which is helpful for us and also for other people
5. Start filing your footage, who knows it might be useful one day, especially when there’s a competition
One thing to remember, that as a moslem we need to change our mindset, we got to have a purpose in making a vlog, we need to include Allah, our creator, in everything that we do. Even from making a vlog we can do it as a part of our devotion (ibadah) to Allah.
As an example we can see this vlog from a person named Andre in Klaten, he made this vlog


it’s about a parking service officer who committed himself in reading the Holly Qur’an 1-2 juz’every day and Andre, the vlogger, through the community he involved in gave that man a chance to go Umrah ( a pilgrimage to Mecca).

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