Farewell SMPI Academic year 2018/2019

Solo – Time really flies, as if just yesterday they stepped into the building, but now the 9th graders of SMPI Al Abidin has finally completed their education and graduated from school. Masyallah.

The highest score in the exam this year has significantly increased comparing  to the years before. The students who got the highest score is As Syifa’ Nada of Asma class with the total score of 391.

The Akhirussanah (farewell) was opened with speech from Mr. Arif Hidayat, S.Pd, principal of SMPI Al Abidin Surakarta who delivered the education progress report then continued with Mr. Sunarno, M.Pd, the Chairman of Al Abidin Foundation who gave motivational speech for the students before they continue their steps into High school life.

The Head of Junior High School division of Education Department of Surakarta, Drs. Bambang Wahyono, M.M, M.Pd also had his speech in the event. He said that although SMPI Al Abidin is considerd a new comer, the school is one of the Islamic private school which developed rapidly and became great competitors for other schools. He also delivered the report on educational progress of Junior High Schools in Surakarta.

The main event was the graduation procession following  the performance by one of the 9th graders student. The success of the event was the result of great team work and cooperation of the teachers, the students, and the parents of SMPI Al Abidin Surakarta.

Good luck for all the graduates! Keep on being the agents of change and goodness wherever you are. May Allah bless you all in every steps that you make. Amen.

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